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We have a wonderful assortment to satisfy your new kitten or your full-grown cat and all chock filled with 100% organic catnip.
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handmade in the usa

Minkee Wild Mini Nips

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Our lush wild faux fur catnip toys are a real crowd pleaser here at the Catnip Cafe. Some cats prefer a small toy a bit larger than our fun-size squares, something they can wrestle with! Each toy is filled with our 100% POTENT organic catnip. Made with 100% cotton fabric.


* About our Catnip: We use only the finest 100% organic catnip in our toys. It’s grown in the USA without pesticides on an organic farm. All of our catnip toys are filled with our finely cut, long-lasting catnip.

mini-nips are approx. 3 inches / squares approx 2″

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