Does your cat have a sweet tooth? It's always dessert time at the Catnip Cafe!

Our dessert tray is chock filled with 100% organic catnip toys that are not only delicious but are calorie-free!

handmade in the usa

Caroling Cats

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There’s always a musician in the family so the Catnip Cafe has you covered! We have a french horn, clarinet and a cute singer all being perfect little angels (the harpist print is all gone). They’re handmade with a supersoft red Minkee fabric backing. This toy is filled with our 100% POTENT organic catnip.


* About our Catnip: We use only the finest 100% organic catnip in our toys. It’s grown in the USA without pesticides on an organic farm. All of our catnip toys are filled with our finely cut, long lasting catnip.

Size: Approx. 3 1/2 x 3″”

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