About the Catnip Cafe

As told by Linda (the cat toymaker!)…

Over the Holidays, my twin daughters asked me to make a quilt for a kitten they were giving to a friend. I replied “Are you crazy? A quilt for a cat!” but I thought it was a cute idea and got carried away –making a small fancy quilt complete with tassels! Both their friend and her new kitten loved it (as well as her two other cats) and soon I had requests for more.

My daughters suggested that I start a business on the web and I thought it was a wonderful idea. To my great fortune, they’re web designers and offered to make a website. We called it “ Cat in the bed ”

It’s been very exciting for me to be getting orders from all over the world – even Hong Kong and Australia! Several of my customers have become my email buddies.

I think that my customers enjoy the unique option of designing their own beds and quilts and love to choose from the large selection of cat prints I’ve collected over the years. I’ve found my niche! My business is expanding – I’m now making an assortment of 100% organic catnip toys with a new website called The Catnip Cafe – where you can purchase my handmade cat beds AND cat toys all in one place. What fun!

linda from the catnip cafe