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The Catnip Cafe features handmade 100% Organic Catnip toys for your cat, kitten, or the spoiled pet in your family.

Fish Sticks Mini-Nips

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Polka dots and fish, who knew?! Our fish sticks are bright and cheery. Our mini fish stick is the perfect size for cats who have a lighter appetite! They are filled with 100% organic catnip and our high-quality polyfill. Made from 100% cotton fabric. No need to preheat the oven!


* About our Catnip: We use only the finest 100% organic catnip in our toys. It's grown in the USA without pesticides on an organic farm. All of our catnip toys are filled to the brim with our finely cut, long-lasting catnip.

Size :
Mini-nip fish sticks - Approx. 4" long

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